Tax Preparation / Compliance

Generally, taxes are due by one of three dates:* March 15 (Corporations), April 15 (Individuals, Partnerships) or May 15(Non-Profits). Each of those may be extended for up to six months (contact us for length of a particular extension).

Haven’t filed a return lately? Careful! The IRS or your state may have already prepared a ‘substitute’ return based on information they have. Once the IRS has prepared a substitute return, they can (and will) collect against that substitute return. More importantly, 3 consecutive years of unfiled returns constitutes willful nonfiling, a criminal offense. We can help. Our office is equipped to file the following returns:

  • Individuals
    • U.S. Residents/Resident Aliens
    • Non-Residents
    • Expatriates
  • Businesses
    • C-Corporation
    • S-Corporation
    • Payroll
    • Sales/Use Tax
    • Other state-specific returns
  • Trust/Estates
  • Non-Profits


*Payroll, sales tax and other types of returns have other due dates.

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